A host of applications

Sodium hypochlorite metering with no gas locking

Qdos pumps replaced magnetic membrane and progressive cavity pumps in chemical metering applications at Huhtamaki Moulded Fiber Technology BV.

In a 2 bar counter-pressure application metering sodium hypochlorite to cooling water, the Qdos provide smooth, accurate and linear flows without downtime or gas locking issues.

Diaphragm Pumps help with Disinfection - drinking water

Precise delivery of electroplating chemicals

BIA Kunstoff- und Galvanotechnik is involved in electroplating plastic components with metallic surfaces for the automotive industry.

The Qdos pumps employed by BIA must precisely dose the chemical additives to the elctroplating machines with minimal pulsation, to avoid them being "shattered".

In addition to low pulse dosing, virtually no pump downtime and no additional accessories such as check valves, makes Qdos pumps the best choice for electroplating duties.

Rare mineral recovery process

In vital floatation duties at British Fluorspar, twelve Qdos pumps meter reagents from mixer tanks to header tanks.

Acid grade fluorspar (fluorite) is a relatively rare industrial mineral and its extraction involves precise metering of reagents such as methyl isobutyl carbinol, sodium isopropyl xanthate, caustic soda pearl and other chemicals. Overdosing of these chemicals is a costly business which must be avoided.

Diaphragm pumps help with Mineral processing - Reagent dosing
Diaphragm Pump helps with Industrial cooling - water preparation

Maintenance downtime cut from 1.5 hours to just five minutes

An important stage of wastewater purification at Selters (Westerwald) Germany, is the elimination of phosphates with the addition of precipitants, including ferric chloride.

Ferric chloride is both chemically aggressive and abrasive and attacked the diaphragms of the pumps previously used at the sites' metering station. Technicians were replacing pump diaphragms every 3 to 4 months, and each one took at least one hour to change, plus clean up time for leaked chemical.

Qdos pumps were installed in the precipitant metering station and immediately reduced maintenance time to five minutes.

Ensuring the supply of safe drinking water

High concentrations of iron and manganese in the Canadian Barrie region, mean that a sequestering agent is required for potable water. The City of Barrie Water Operations Branch uses sodium silicate (Na2SiO3) to bind the Fe/Mn and prevent it from oxidising. The effect is aesthetic to avoid staining sanitary ware.

Diaphragm metering pumps had been chosen to meter between 4-6 parts sodium silicate, until sticking ball valves and clogging caused serious maintenance issues at the unmanned site.

Investing in Qdos pumps was easy for the Water Operations Department to justify on the costs of downtime and spare parts alone.

Ensuring the supply of safe drinking water