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Chemical Dosing Equipment
Chemical Dosing that contains No valves, no ancillaries, no vapour lock

Cut chemical cost through higher accuracy metering


Chemical Dosing thats Accurate, linear and repeatable flow

Simple drop-in installation eliminates ancillary equipment


Chemical Pumps that produce up to 5000:1 flow control to 500ml/min at 7 bar

Reduced maintenance with single, no-tools, component replacement


Chemical Dosing ReNu pumphead technology: fully sealed for safe, no-tools maintenance

Flow rates from 0.1 to 2000ml/min (0.001 to 31.7 USGPH) at up to 7 bar (100psi)


ReNu peristaltic pumphead technology is at the core of the Qdos pump. This ensures the delivery of accurate and repeatable flow for fluids of wide ranging viscosities. Process uptime is maximised by facilitating quick, safe and easy pumphead removal and replacement, with no need for tools, no specialist training and no maintenance technicians. The contained pumphead design with integral leak detection reduces wastage and eliminates operator exposure to chemicals.

Chemical Dosing with QDos Pumps

Eliminate ancillary equipment

A diaphragm metering pump often requires a range of high maintenance ancillary items to function. The Qdos pump eliminates ancillary equipment while ensuring accurate, linear and repeatable metering across all process conditions.